What makes the perfect shirt? Fail-safe options are always a black or white button down style that’s reliable for formal and after-hours. But if you’re tired of the same old options, get adventurous with Comoddity‘s range of crisp tops for a stylish night out. The brand experiments with contrasting colours, unexpected lines and close cuts like this contrast back and sleeves button down shirt. It is designed with black lining along the shoulders and arms, and a full black at the back, resulting in a visual surprise of silhouette shaping from two different perspectives.

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We all need a really reliable item or outfit in our closet for those days of nonchalant dressing. In that sense, LINE 32 has crafted out a collection for the everyday Malaysian woman that is in between casual and formal, at guilt-free prices. Refined, timeless and well-tailored, these items of fuss-free dresses, cropped blouses and playful jumpsuits are suited for daily wear as well as special occasions, made special with unique details like jacquard embroidery, silk material and edgy touches. The best part is: these pieces are designed as classics and will stay relevant to your wardrobe for years to come.


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Without a doubt, Korean fashion is one of the most embraced Asian trends in the region, and it’s not just their clothing, shoes or hairstyles that’s taking fashionistas by storm – their accessories are on point too. To cater to the masses’ love for accessories like sunglasses, hair ornaments and bags, ELLUI has curated a mix of collectibles specially handpicked from Korea, that are quality and up to date. If we had to choose, though, we can’t help falling for their vast range of funky yet functional eyewear. Colourful, classy, fashion forward and as a statement accessory, you’re sure to find something that suits your style or as the perfect wardrobe complement. Doesn’t matter whether you’re a collector of sunnies or a purist for a particular style, ELLUI’s cateye, aviator, square frames, round lens and many more has got you covered.


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It’s safe to say everyone always has a place for Milktee in their closet. Their brand belief in good designs and the value of simplicity, to “Make Good Outfits” has won the hearts of women who appreciate well-crafted, great fitting and day-to-day pieces that also double as favourite pieces. Milktee has come a long way since their early days of specialising in ready-to-wear tees. Now, they cover more ground with a range of indie tees, refined apparel and basic comforts. From blouses, T-shirts, cardigans to jeans, Milktee’s Asian-inspired pieces and stringent quality control is definitely a pioneer in casual wear and will only continue to gain more followers.


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It’s the little details that make an aesthetic difference. The way we style our outfit, a simple hem tuck or roll of the sleeve, or the fail-safe pairing of an accessory. That’s what necklaces, bracelets, rings and caps are for, but we prefer to keep it dressed up with the right watch, and HyperGrand has some pretty sweet options for both boys and girls. The timepieces of of the brand exude an identity of spontaneity and humour by way of projecting a fresh perspective. Watch faces are kept simple, glossy and neutral-coloured to let the stars – the funky NATO watch straps – stand out. Available in a myriad of designs and colours, with names like Rubicon and Rockfall, Cloud Rage and Leprechaun for the people with different quirks and personalities.


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As the monochromatic, minimalist trend scales to greater heights, it’s a challenge for designers to play with these elements to conjure creations that are imaginative and not similar to one another. One designer who seems to magically spin designs better than the last is Joe Chia, who is also hailed as a star fashion icon in Malaysia. Aesthetically, Joe Chia pieces are unique, tailored to highlight its clean, fuss-free lines, and exudes a modern identity. Joe experiments with flowing fabrics that hang loose yet envelope the figure in head-turning silhouettes, and boldly reconstructs basics like the black dress, cardigan and vests. This black, figure-hugging dress ends in an asymmetrical jagged hemline, treating the eye to a whole new visual angle.


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All the sass, all the satire: that’s what Eighteen Inspiration aims to project in its collections. With previous series like RKOI, VIBES, Resurrection and The COLLAB, it’s clear as day that their Ain’t Martin Margiela collection takes pride of place, which consists of a black and white snapback, and a black tee featuring a profile of a faceless person wearing the infamous diamond encrusted face mask made popularised from the catwalk of designer Martin Margiela. The image gives off a measurable amount of eeriness, but is offset with the coolness of one daring to don the statement-meets-couture top.


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We’re always on the lookout for specific outfits like workwear, evening attire and date night ensembles… but have you considered buying apparel that are tailormade for holidaymakers, specifically the glamorous cruisewear? YACHT 21 was created to breath relaxation and the classy traveler’s lifestyle into the urban city girl’s wardrobe, especially for those days when she feels like taking a break – mentally and physically. YACHT 21’s concept of fusing fashion with functionality makes for the ideal ‘vacation’ choice, with designs like mini, flirty dresses, airy blouses and practical shorts that evoke classic navy elements and sea-inspired creations to suit the city lifestyle as well as that of the holidaymakers’.

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Streetwear was born in Los Angeles, grew up in New York and Tokyo, ventured out to global capitals like Paris, London, Singapore and Melbourne, and threw its web of influence over Hong Kong, too. Hence, Subcrew was created from this multi-cultural movement, resulting in a unique philosophy with a fashion collection that is just as exceptional. Instead of sticking to the conventional grey and overcast colour palette of street style, Subcrew is known for their use of bright colours, funky designs, liberal use of striking print, and a warmer take on the classic basic tees, baseball shirts, cargo pants, parkas and much more. If you’re the type who’s all about unity and teamwork, Subcrew’s mantra of “submarine” and “crew” combined to depict a crew who stands together, fighting shoulder-to-shoulder – is sure to deepen your appreciation for the brand’s vibrant styles.

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