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4 Trends that look great on guys & girls

Matching tee shirts are not just a couple’s way of expressing their love for each other to the entire world. There are just some trends that beat the identical tees, to suit both guys and girls equally well. Whether you’re looking for something fun to spice up your relationship or looking to adopt a style from the other sex, pay heed to these four trends that both sexes can pull off and look so, so good in – specifically guys.

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SECRET TALENTS: Celebrity by day, blogger/designer by night

We’re all for celebrities who can do more than just act/sing/model. There are those who effortlessly shine with two talents, and of late, a special breed that branches out into designing, blogging or even cooking! A new pattern of celebrity entrepreneurs has taken shape as these Hollywood influencers pile on celebrity status, digital lifestyle symbol AND now designing aficionado.

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An interview with fashion designer Joe Chia

Ask any of your friends to name local fashion designers, high chances are the name Joe Chia would be on their lips. Everyone knows Joe as the designing sensation behind his namesake brand of architectural, edgy and avant garde creations. The Raffles Design Institute graduate has injected his eye and passion into innovative, powerful designs that suit the contemporary fashion movement taking Malaysia by storm right now, fulfilling both male and female tastes with his trademark androgynous appeal. Amidst a busy schedule, showing from one capital to another (having just returned from a tradeshow in Paris), Joe shared with us on what’s keeping him busy, the inspirations of his masterpieces and some random personal questions in between.


BOUTIQUE BROWSE: Cool brands for your man

Let’s address the nagging dilemma that comes to men’s shopping.

Guys: How often do you find shopping a chore when faced with racks of (identical) commercial fashion? Ladies: How do you find something unique and make the shopping experience interesting when shopping for that special someone?

The answer is right under your noses: go local. We’ve handpicked a few noteworthy brands that are independent or artisanal, but very much homegrown. You’d be surprise at the spectrum of creativity among Malaysian talent.


An interview with fashion designer Tengku Syahmi

He may come across as just another 24-year old, but Tengku Syahmi has achieved what most young people have not, and is ready to take on the world even more. At the age of 19 during his final year at Raffles Kuala Lumpur, Syahmi was crowned the Malaysia International Fashion Week (MIFA)“2009 Most Promising Designer’. It was also the first time the competition declared two winning designers, and the other just so happened to be Syahmi’s best friend, Jonathan Liang, whom he continued to work with as Principle Designer for edgy,hip brand Ultra.


5 Power Couples storming the fashion scene

Romance, you’ll find it in every corner of the world. We’re especially head over heels with the fashion world’s most visible couples and their love stories. We’re even more besotted with the way they complement each other’s personal style so flawlessly, while taking on the world as one. These are the 5 most conventional and unconventional relationships you wish you had…

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5 Fashion Trends to navigate #Bendgate

It’s only been a few days since the iPhone 6 launch and it has already met with a nosedive of sorts: first, the elation of its arrival, followed by a quick dip to disappointment when consumers discovered a structural flaw. You’ve probably caught wind of the #bendgate issue by now, backed with discoveries of visibly dents in the midsection of the much anticipated device.

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7 major trends for your Spring/Summer 2015 wardrobe

Now that we’ve all glimpsed next year’s trends from the world’s four fashion capitals of New York, London, Paris and Milan, it’s time to round up our favourites. Difficult as it is, we’ve managed to cherry-pick seven trends that made memorable appearances on the runway in the biggest and most season-appropriate way. We can’t wait for these styles to roll out on the store racks…


18 head-turning streetstyle looks at NYFW

The first wave of fashion week in New York has died down, leaving us to pick up the pieces of yet another fashion regalia parade. We’re not complaining though. As the stylistas jet off to Londontown for London Fashion Week, let’s pause for a second to collectively swoon over some of the most head-turning street trends that pulled off a show just as good as the runway.