Among style essentials, caps are the equivalent to men as handbags are to women. Men look for funky, loud and cool caps – something street-style favourite Vision Street Wear aces at. Designed for skateboarders and their lifestyles, caps and hats by Vision Street Wear come in bold, colourful colours and patterns, in various styles like classic snapbacks and skateboard hats, and never without their logo patch. The print keeps caps interesting and trendy, think  a cascade of shapes + logo and bright eye-popping colour to complement even the simplest outfit. Lightweight, fashionable and functional as you go about your daily activities.

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A trend achieves its goal to move and influence when it leaves a lasting impact on the wearer and those around it – even more so when it doesn’t try hard at all. Such is the effect of Not A Designer, a unique, gem of a brand founded by Leo Wong which carries handpicked, exclusive pieces with designs and quality parallel to those of designer labels. NAD’s items consist primarily of minimal, monochrome ad effortless creations from simple yet ingeniously multi-functional basics to empowering two-piece outfits. We love how NAD’s trademark use of edgy detailing and fabric subtly refreshes even the simplest silhouettes and cuttings at wallet friendly prices too.


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It’s not easy for fashion to strike a man’s fancy as it does for women – men either gravitate for the simple comforts of shirt and jeans or veer towards the formal and dapper, but COMODDITY is about to change that. Borne out of the love for texture and intricacies, the menswear brand seeks to put a unique spin on men’s wardrobe staples to portray the stylish, comtemporary male. Comoddity fiddles with fabric, colour usage, embroidery, patchwork and applique to create an effortless, impactful effect onto the every day shirt with designer Vincent Siow’s use of colour blocking, emphasizing on clean lines to bring out the modern simplicity of men’s fashion.


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It’s not often that you come across a brand that is unabashedly expressive, creative and original all at once as CHIYO is. Living up to its tagline of “sui generis”, Latin for “of its own kind/genus”, the brand creates bold and kooky attire and shoes with the clever use of asymmetry and geometry elements, and bursts of cheerful colours. Each piece is unique from the next due to their personal touch: handcrafted, hand-assembled and hand-printed – elements that contribute to CHIYO’s uniquely aesthetic philosophy. FABSPY currently stocks on CHIYO’s Cloud Crayon collection, which is based on whimsical motifs like clouds, lightning, blanket stitches and pastel shades, in tribute to Tokyo’s pop-cute culture.


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The clothing line extolled by celebrity style icons from Rihanna and Cara Delevingne to Tokyo’s street style elite has arrived fresh on our racks. We’re talking about THE skate brand, Vision Street Wear, designed for skateboarding enthusiasts and musicians. It’s hard to not ignore or forget VSW’s trademark  bold designs, block logos, symbols and use of mainly red, black and white and edgy designs that are even easily embraced by female fashionistas as their go-to statement brand for sporty-luxe outfits. VSW also has an uncanny way of preserving the old school 60s and 90s trend into their collections of shirts, tees, shorts and caps, even in this day and age – proof they’re a pioneer when it comes to retro relevance.


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We’ve all got a go-to accessory that single-handedly dresses up a conventional look just as well as it does a glam night-out outfit, but as fashion dictates, one is never enough. This Zambian bangle by Nude Not is deserving of a nod as a multi-functional wrist-piece to instantly brighten up an outfit with its gold finish. The bangle’s geometric, asymmetrical design makes for a striking contrast on the skin and its long, architectural form creates an elegant, Greek effect. Every girl should own something gold in their accessory box – RM30 one won’t break the bank.


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This one’s for those of us who love a good statement tee, minus the cheese. With its minimalist yet savvy streetwear concept, Supercrew Clothing is created to inspire their followers to ‘Dream. Believe. Achieve’, a recurring tagline featured in all their designs. The label’s Retro Series consists of black and white tees and long-sleeved shirts, with the Supercrew emblazoned across the chest, on the sleeves and along the hemline – an emerging style favoured by street performers like dancers, artists, DJs and even athletic types.

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Since 2004, Status Anxiety has been crafting a collection of handbags, wallets and accessories designed to inspire and instil wonder. With the use of premium leather complimented with subtle hardware, stitching and lining, the brand creates effortless and subtly elegant goods that can be found in over 600 fashion boutiques, from Sydney to New York. Their latest collection, S14 Wasteland, carries on Status Anxiety’s minimalist, timeless aesthetic of luxurious, soft Italian leathers and animal print cowhides that promise to withstand the test of time.

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We often forget how the right accessory makes a huge difference to an overall look. That’s when Medium Rare comes into the picture with their range of glasses and sunglasses under the Front Row Salad series. The collection is comprised of way cool fashionable frames and flamboyant shades designed for any fashion personality, from hipsters to geeks, to ladylike chicks. Each pair features various styles, like rounded eye, cat-eye and a host of playful tints and frame patterns (think tortoise shell, vintage brown and timeless black), making them the ideal choice for unisex, everyday wear.

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